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Enjoy 1 Full year of Full Body Laser Hair Removal for $975 ONLY.


1. How far away are the treatments?  - We normally do treatments every 6-8 weeks apart. 

2. Is it painful? - I depends on every person's tolerance of discomfort, some clients don't feel any pain at all. The treatment has little to no discomfort. A lot of our clients have no pain during the session.

3. Do I need to shave prior to the treatment? - Yes. You would need to shave 1 day prior to your treatment. 

4. Can I wax after my treatments? - It is advisable NOT to wax at all. 

5. When should I see results? - You would get results after 40-60 days of your first treatment.  The process takes a while due to hair growth cycles and hormones that play a part of this treatment.  You will still have to shave for the next few months and then eventually don't have to shave at all! 

6. Can you do it all in the same day? - Yes the Full body sessions are being done the same day. Please allow 45 minutes to 1 hour to make the reservations. 

7. What if I miss a month?  - If you miss a month, there wont be any month rollover, the expiration date is exactly 1 year.  Example, if your first visit is October 29, 2022, your last day would be October 29, 2023. No exceptions. 

8. What if I still have some hair growth after 1 year? - It is rare to still get regrowth, but because of some person's lifestyle, hormones and it's imbalance, medical history, there are conditions that can continue hair regrowth. Please consult your medical doctor to get a medical treatment. 

9. Do you offer payment plan? - We offer payment plans for up to $46/month. Click here to get pre-approved! 

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