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Wrinkle-Free Skin
Botox before and after photo Top Aesthetics Laser Xeomin  in Westchester, Long island City Queens , West Harrison, Westport, Connecticut

In our practice at Top Aesthetics Laser, we provide Botox and Xeomin as our main neurotoxin.  Most of the time it is Xeomin. XEOMIN® is the newest botulinum toxin. Similar to Botox® and Dysport®, it has received FDA approval for temporary improvement in the reduction of moderate to severe glabellar lines (frown lines). Xeomin works by blocking nerve signals to the muscles that cause facial wrinkles.

What makes Xeomin unique is that it contains no additives; Xeomin is only botulinum toxin type A


Smooth out facial lines and wrinkles and prevent new formation


Xeomin or Botox




$10-$14 per unit

Top Aesthetics Laser Westchester, Long Island Queens New York, Westport Connecticut, West Harrison in Westchester County Nefertti Neck Lift Procedure done by the best injector in New York State Dr.Elaine Suderio DNP

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