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Top Aesthetics Laser Team Learning Hydropeptide Products

WEST HARRISON, NEW YORK - Our team had met up with one of the top product rep if Hydropeptide in the northeast region, Jodi Moroh on Monday, October 3, 2022.

The team learned that hydropeptide is owned by a geneticist, Dr. Neil Kitchen. HydroPeptide's team of geneticists formulate our products with powerful gene-signaling ingredients, like peptides, that tell your skin cells to act in a healthy, gorgeous way.

I requested a product education with Hydropeptide because Hydrafacial has a power serum booster that gives my clients a "glass skin" look after facials. And it is so amazing and hydrating to the skin.

Our team loved that it is great for all skin types and helps reverse the signs of aging.

Just too much great stuff from Hydropeptides! We learn and we have fun learning!

Top Aesthetics Laser Team Jump while learning product education with Hydropeptide WEST Harrison, New York
Top Aesthetics Laser Team Jump

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